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Continue Health Benefits for Patrolman Craig Berner's Family

This petition is to request that Moorestown Township honor Craig Berner and his commitment to service for the Township.  Craig lived his life serving the underdog and looking out for the best interests of others.  Craig served the township for over 26 years as a patrol officer as well as serving his country as a United States Marine.  He dedicated his life to public service. 


Craig's goal in life was to provide for his family.  As a result of his 26 years as a police officer, Craig was eligible for medical benefits for his family.  Rather than simply retire, Craig continued his service to the residents of Moorestown.  Now, due to his untimely death, the medical benefits for Craig's wife and children are being terminated.  These are benefits that patrolman Berner earned for his family through his lifetime of service.  We are asking that the township honor Craig's memory and the spirit of the contract and "continue to provide medical insurance coverage to an eligible retiring employee and his family at no cost to the employee, provided that the employee has served the Township at least twenty-five (25) years."  

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  • Moorestown NJ Township Council: D. Scott Carew, Stacey F. Jordan, Christopher Chiacchio, Phil Garnood, Greg Newcomer, Victoria Napolitano

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