Terminate Moorestown High School teacher Ms. Shepard

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Ms. Shepard shows a pattern of disrespect towards her students for no given reasons. In the following sentence I will offer the people who are seeing this petition why Ms. Shepard should be terminated. This is not an issue of my grades or another student I have performed well on every marking period and the midterm. I am speaking for all the students but will give an example of something that happened to me but has happened to many more. Today during class, I had my phone in my pocket turned off. There was noise that were coming from an iPhone. When the activity was over I was walking back to my seat when the teacher noticed my phone in my pocket to wear the outline was visible. She accused of being the one whose phone was making the noises. I explained to her the reasons why I would like to keep my phone on me. Such as in the event of a mass shooting I would like to text my mom and my dad that I love them. Also I have a sibling with, disabilities so I have to keep my phone on me for when something happens to her. I put it in my bag over my will because I was in fear of what she would say to me. I then asked her why she had profiled me as the one whose phone was making the noise. She responded with because I know. I then said you have no proof of what I did. What she was doing was profiling me she had no evidence I had done but still thought it was me. Other people were caught with their phones on them not using just on them. She did not ask them if their phone was the one that went off. Further proving that she had profiled me. This is just one example that has happened to me, but there are many more. The administration always talks about being safe in our class. I don't feel comfortable in her room. Not physically but every day as I walk through her room I have panic attack and I am overwhelmed with anxiety. I ask people who sign this to also give a story that affected you that is respectful. I urge administration to bring this to their attention.


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