Moore County Parents Against Redistricting

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Sarah Haynes
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Petition against school redistricting in Moore County by concerned parents in Moore County.

The writing of this petition was created due to our concern regarding the Board of Education, Moore County Superintendent, and the company Numerix, which advocates redistricting for multiple areas of Moore County.  This is an unfavorable change on many levels that requires the careful consideration of several issues:

1.    Moving so many children is wrong and fundamentally poor flawed planning.  Why are schools not planned and built according to projected growth as communities are being expanded and new homes are being built?  Capping capacity at 800 for the new elementary schools is not logical with our expected growth projections in the next 15-20 years. In 5-7 years, we will be right back where we are with either modulars in the new elementary schools or asking the community to vote for more schools.

2.    Many families purchase their homes, no matter how costly, in order to be in the school district of their choice.  The suggested redistricting will adversely affect them both academically and financially. Home values are based on many things, including school districts.  Changing these lines WILL affect the values of our homes.

3.    Another negative impact of this change will be traffic.  Many children will have to travel farther for school. This means that school buses will be traveling farther, impacting both the schools’ traffic, as well as the traffic in the county.  As a result, our children will be on the buses for longer periods of time. We already have issues in some parts of the county where students are on the bus 2.5+ hours. Redistricting will increase this time frame due to having to travel longer distances to pick up and drop off students.

Redistricting SHOULD NOT be an option in MOORE COUNTY!  Let’s not redistrict reactively but rather plan properly.  Let’s look at the growth patterns and build schools according to those growth projections.  Let’s leave our kids where they and their families are comfortable and where they have chosen to be.  Let’s keep Moore County district lines the same and address the issues at the lower performing schools by providing these schools with more teachers and programs that can help these students academically.  We do not want to be in the same situation in 5-7 years with having to add modulars or request more elementary schools due to over capacity again, as well as back to low performing school by not addressing the root problem of why these schools are struggling.