Restore the MVCC promised $40 million funding to redevelop the Flemington Community Centre

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On Tuesday the 11th of June 2019, the Moonee Valley City Council voted to slash the budget on the re-development of the Debney's Park Flemington Community Centre by more than 50%. Yep, that’s more than half. from over $40 Million down to $20 Million. 

This will profoundly affect my community, my friends, my neighbours and my life. 

This project would be "A community hub that provides space for more services and activities needed by the community, including a community hall, multipurpose meeting rooms, co-working spaces, a community kitchen and large foyer." This community centre redevelopment will directly improve the social, physical and mental wellbeing of all people within Flemington and further abroad. 

This is a call to action for all community members, near and far - of all backgrounds, all ethnicities, all religions, all ages and all political persuasions. This is a call to action for EVERYONE. This would have been a centre for ALL people and should be supported by all people. So please, sign and share this petition and help make a difference to the Flemington community.

I would directly like to acknowledge the hard work and advocacy of the Myrnong ward councillors, Cr Cusack, Cr Nation and Cr Marshall. In addition to the support from Mr Danny Pearson, MP and the Office of Mr Bill Shorten, MP. Finally, the hard work of the council officers must be applauded throughout this entire process. 

Flemington is quoted by Cr Cusack as "one of the poorest communities in all of Victoria", and despite our significant contribution to the rates raised by the Moonee Valley City Council, and sadly, we have been unrepresented by the Council on this decision. 

$20 Million will not adequately fund the development of a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable facility appropriate for the community it will serve.

The Federal Opposition, State Government, Local Council Officers and Mrynong Ward councillors have all recognised and voiced the immense importance of a new Flemington Community Centre. It is key to note that the Flemington Public Housing estate is currently under development by the State Government building joint public/private housing. In addition, new apartment buildings are being privately built in the local area, particularly along Mount Alexander Road. As such, the Myrnong ward of Moonee Valley (which encompasses Flemington) WILL experience significant population growth in the near future. Particularly including migrants, new families and young Australians who are in dire need of adequate social support networks and a more appropriate community centre.

We, the people of Moonee Valley ask that the Moonee Valley City Council Councillors urgently reconsider reinstating the adequate funding of $40+ Million for the important and much needed Flemington Community Centre.

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