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Save Keilor East started this petition to Moonee Valley City Council and

End the overdevelopment, protect Steel creek.

Let’s say NO to the Asialand 54.

Residents of Keilor East are concerned that the standard of housing and site over-developments in Keilor East and now a fresh proposal from Asialand to develop 54 townhouses (approximately 16 square meters each) on a previously failed Craig Street development site should be a major concern for all residents. Check it out here: or directly on the Moonee Valley Council website:

The proposed site is next door to legendary Rose Creek Estate. Rose Creek Estate boutique wines and olive oils has been described as "Tuscany in East Keilor", with the house and vineyard surrounded by 300 olive trees, fresh fruit and vegetables all just a step from the back door. The estate backs onto the Steele Creek and is wonderful on the eye when on a walk along the creek.  

Previous developers Steller and Moonee Valley Council have left the Asialand 54 site abandoned for many years. It’s resulted in citing of snakes, overgrown grass and abandoned display home. Council has failed to police developers into keeping the property safe for local residents. Even now, the area is overgrown with grass and continues to pose safety issues for locals.

By allowing similar developments in the suburb including on Craig Street, Moonee Valley Council has invited overdevelopment into the suburb. Such developments do not happen in Aberfeldie, Ascot Vale, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Strathmore or Travancore. Such is the obscenity of the previous multi-site development on Craig Street, you can’t even fit a fire truck into the estate if houses are burning.  

Unless residents stand up to Asialand and Moonee Valley Council, we will be duded once again.  Lower house prices, thousands more on a local street, no environmental protection for Steele Creek and endless chaos.  Steeles Creek is an oasis for native wildlife, wetlands and bush lands. Over development in the area will take precious, and extremely limited, green space away from our community and the critters that call it home.  The critters that call Steeles Creek home will be gravely impacted during the development phase as well as from the increased demand on the local ecosystem. Steeles Creek is a refuge for people, animals and plants alike particularly recent lockdowns. We need our green spaces to remain havens, for they are the lungs of our city.

We know by speaking to a local resident building a family home on Craig Street that upon digging, the family required over 50 trucks in one day to remove the hard rock in the surface. The same house backs on to the proposed site for the 54 townhouses, this means we will be subjected to thousands of trucks on our streets during the life of the development. That’s just not good enough.  Given the family came across a substantial amount of rock on their dream build, what will the Asialand 54 development mean for Steele Creek which backs onto the Asialand 54 site? Without doubt there will be major environmental impacts.  

Enough is enough. This is why you must object now or risk destroying the value of Keilor East and join us to stop this development.  The council should fight harder and seek to have the site redeveloped into community land for locals. Concerned residents have been asking council to do this for some time.

Sign your objection on the Moonee Valley website, please see

In addition, it’s time we write to all local councillors to back in locals and say no to the Asialand 54 development.

Mayor – Cam Nation
Local Ward Councilor – Samantha Byrne
Local Ward Councilor – John Sipek
Local Ward Councilor – Pierce Tyson

Our public petition is also continuing to grow. Please take time to sign it and share your thoughts.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!