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Do not kill someone for us.

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Dear Moody Bible Institute’s Department of Public Safety and Security,

Don’t kill someone for me.
I’m not telling you never to use a taser. I’m not telling you never to restrain someone who intends evil. I’m not saying to disband law enforcement in general.

It's been said that the intention in giving lethal capacity to a couple full time officers is simply to have a functioning police force, and that this doesn’t mean they’ll reflexively kill people. I’d argue that choosing even the potential to have someone killed for our own safety is a statement we do not want to make.

As followers of Christ, whose salvation is secure, allowing our school's public safety team the potential to kill means that we’d rather have someone else violently sent to a Christless eternity than go to be with him ourselves. Can you imagine what it would have done to Paul’s testimony had his friends fought back as he was flogged? If they had killed someone?

To quote Jon Piper ( ) ,“our primary aim in life is to show that Christ is more precious than life.” He says this as a person living in inner city Minneapolis. For over a hundred thirty years, Moody has remained in Chicago, even when the notoriously violent Cabrini Green housing projects were nearby. Twenty-one of our alumni have died for their faith while serving as missionaries throughout the world, and have been declared martyrs by the school. Some students risk their lives to come here. These students regarded Christ as more important than comfort and safety. We should do the same.

Our lives are in the hands of our heavenly Father. When we die, we’ll be with him. Please don’t shorten someone else’s life to lengthen our time on earth.

If you also oppose giving our public safety team lethal capacity at Moody Bible Institute’s Chicago campus, please sign this petition.

In Christ, 


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