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He has been reported to the police and is already under investigation, please let the police handle it from here. Also, DO NOT HARASS HIS FAMILY. THEY GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. LEAVE THE FAMILY OUT OF THIS. You're just as bad if you think involving his family is okay. 

Jay-Ar Bernardo needs to be locked up! This guy has been harassing girls for years until now. He adds girls on social media and harasses them none stop. He can't take no for an answer. When he doesn't get want he wants from a girl he gets mad. When messaging girls, he uses different names (jayar, kyle, john) and also changes his age to be a minor, so he can talk to them. He is in his 20s. He spams girls by texting or calling them. He is a rapist. He really can't take no for an answer. He coerced girls. He also spread a private video of him and his ex girlfriend. Many girls came forward about their experience with him. He and his gang also attack random black people and film it.