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On Sunday, April 21, 2013, our family pet, Ozzy was killed by a Montpelier, IN Police Officer after a call came into dispatch on two dogs running at large. The officer arrived on the scene, immediately asking for assistance from Animal Control. Sadly, this officer chose not to wait for trained Animal Control Officers to arrive and took matters into his own hands.
He pursued our two beloved pets, clearly indicating one was a “Pit Bull,” and the Other was a “mutt;” in fact, they were both mutts.
What happened next will haunt us forever.
The officer fired two shots on Ozzy.
The first hit his spinal cord, before splintering and ricocheting from his body. This did not kill him. However, it caused him to lose sensation of his back legs, leaving him temporarily paralyzed.
Ozzy then dragged himself across the concrete, in a desperate attempt to get away from the officer who was still pursuing his half crippled body. Ozzy dragged his body as far as he could, before he started going into shock, and falling to his side.
The officer then walked up to Ozzy and shot him again. This time, in Ozzy’s abdomen.
This shot was not fatal either. It missed all Ozzy’s major organs, before perforating his liver.
Ozzy suffered horribly, while he bled out and died.
If given the chance, the vet says Ozzy would have made a full recovery. Ozzy would have gone on to live a happy, healthy life.
Since this has happened, our family has been trying to find a way to seek justice for Ozzy in a positive way. We would like to see positive change come from this truly heart wrenching and horrific situation.
We are currently requesting our local police department to set protocol in place in ensure a gun is only used as a last resort in any animal related calls. Our goal is for each and every officer of the local police department to receive proper training and education in regards to animal related situations. We hope by implementing proper education and training, our officers will have the proper tools necessary in responding to animal related calls.
We would like your support, on our mission to positively seek change in Montpelier, IN for all families and animals within the city.

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