Allow off-brand forms of black/navy slacks to be a part of the Montini dress code for the female portion of the student body.

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The School Bells pants are expensive and do not fit the girls well.  The dress code should include off-brand pants, ie. Old Navy, American Eagle, and JCPenny khakis.  Many families have already purchased different forms of slacks and do not have enough money to purchase more.  Girls come in all different shapes and sizes.  School Bells offers the pants in a price range based on size.  Taking into consideration that the School Bells pants are unproportional and difficult to alter, even the tiniest girl may require a larger size.  The alterations that need to be made to the pants cost more money, thus adding to the already pricey cost.  Even after several alterations, many girls have attested to their pants still not conforming to their body type.  The School Bells pants may cost at least $32 a pair, and that is not including both shipping and tax prices.  A student needs at least three pairs of pants.  If the student were to buy the slacks from School Bells, then that would add up to roughly $96.  However, if a student were to purchase at an off-brand source for the pants, such as Old Navy, then the families of the students would be saving a significant amount of money.  A pair of boot cut khakis costs $20.00 at Old Navy.  The added total would be about $60.  That means that at least $36 will be saved when choosing an off-brand source to provide the bottoms.  Students could also find cheaper sources for their pants still.  The School Bells pants are made of poor quality, and therefore do not last that long.  That means that the families will have to spend even more money than they would if they had bought the pants from an off-brand location.  Also, it would be much easier for a student to obtain a cheap pair of slacks during the middle of the school year on short notice by purchasing the slacks from an off-brand location near them, rather than waiting for the School Bells delivery if a mid-year bottoms emergency were to occur.  A suggestion would be that anyone who utilizes off-brand pants will show an administrator to get them approved.  This way the girls can still be modest, yet also feel comfortable in their own clothing.  This will also allow families who do not possess enough money to afford school appropriate pants.  Requirements for the slacks may be as follows: loose-fitting, no skinny-styled, and no yoga pants or leggings during a regular school dress code day.  We sincerely believe that this compromise will greatly benefit both the student body and the school administration.

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