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Oppose the Proposed Inferior Townhomes in Carlisle Village

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As many of you know, Paxmar, LLC, is seeking to amend its Conditional Use Permit ("CUP") to allow it to build detached townhomes in Carlisle Village.

Many of us are opposed to this request, so I thought an online petition from the residents of Carlisle Village would be a good way to express our opposition to the Monticello City Council.  If you know of residents that are not members of the Carlisle Village Facebook group, please forward the link to this online petition to them via email.

For those of you not aware of this proposed project, my opposition to the request for the amendment to the CUP is based upon the following:

1. I do not like that the representatives of Paxmar are attempting to blackmail the City by threatening to go ahead with building attached townhomes if the City does not agree to amend the CUP. That threat is based upon the presumption that the proposed detached townhomes are somehow better and/or more valuable than the attached townhomes that are allowed within Carlisle Village. The fallacy of that position will be addressed later in this petition. Paxmar's rationale for seeking the amendment to the CUP is based upon the fact that it will make higher profits off of the detached townhomes than the attached townhomes. If Paxmar could make just as much, or more, money off of building attached townhomes it would already being so. However, Paxmar knows it has a higher profit margin off of these cheap detached homes and that is why it wants to amend the CUP.

2. At first blush, Paxmar's proposal might seem like a good idea in that most people think detached homes are generally better than attached townhomes. However, that is not the case with the plans being put forth by Paxmar. Paxmar is proposing to be allowed to build smaller homes on smaller lots (with less setbacks) that will be much less valuable than the homes in the rest of the Carlisle Village neighborhood. These proposed homes will be sold for even less than the attached townhomes that already exist on Gatewater Circle. My understanding is that the proposed homes will sell in the range of $175-195,000. (The attached townhomes in Carlisle Village are currently selling in the $200,000+ range.) Paxmar's proposed homes will have the net effect of driving down the property values of all the homes (attached townhomes and single family homes) in Carlisle Village because there will be newer homes in the neighborhood that will be selling for much less than what homes are currently worth in that neighborhood.

3. Another issue is that the proposed detached homes will not have an association responsible for the exterior maintenance on those homes like there is for the attached townhomes in the neighborhood. This means those less valuable and less attractive homes will be subjected to less maintenance and oversight than regular attached townhomes.

4. The three models of homes proposed by Paxmar are not in character with the rest of the Carlisle Village neighborhood. It is my understanding that Carlisle Village was developed to be a higher-end neighborhood to attract families to stay in Monticello than moving to other neighboring cities. The three styles of homes do not meet the characteristics of the existing homes in Carlisle Village. They are not even as nice as the existing townhomes in Carlisle Village. The proposed homes are much smaller and do not have front porches or similar finishing touches as the existing homes. One of the three proposed models does not even have a front door, but has a side entrance. That is completely out of character with the rest of the neighborhood.

5. The small amount of property taxes that will be generated by Paxmar's proposed homes do not justify the loss of property values to the remainder of the homes in Carlisle Village.

6. I think Paxmar is setting their sights too low with these detached townhomes. It is my belief that the market is demanding nicer homes than what Paxmar is proposing. If Paxmar cannot deliver those kinds of homes, it should either be building attached townhomes like the ones that already exist in Carlisle Village or it should sell the land to another developer that can bring higher-end detached townhomes to the City. Paxmar's only interest is maximizing their profit at the expense of the property values in Carlise Village.

For these reasons, I urge you to sign this online petition and urge the City Council to deny Paxmar's request to amend its CUP for Carlisle Village when that matter comes before the City Council.

Jon W. Morphew

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