Tell MoCo Parks – Keep Little Falls Parkway Open to Pedestrians and Cyclists on Weekends!

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Little Falls Parkway is one of 3 roadways that has been a part of Montgomery County's "Open Parkways" initiative, closing down streets on the weekend to allow for COVID safe pedestrian activity. This initiative has provided access for many Montgomery County residents and people to safe recreation and wellbeing, something that has been vital in the current COVID climate. 

Read one of Montgomery Plannings reports on the parkway usage this summer here. 

Montgomery County Parks recently announced that the weekend after Thanksgiving is the last weekend that Little Falls Parkway will be closed to vehicular traffic. Little Falls is the ONLY Parkway being reopened. All of the others under the “Open Parkways” initiative are remaining closed to vehicles on the weekends.

Read the announcement here. 

Here are a list of recommendations we are sharing with Montgomery County Planning and Parks department:

  1. Conduct a virtual public community town hall: Give Montgomery County residents an overview of the Open Parkways plan and an opportunity to share testimony of why Little Falls Parkways should continue to be open.
  2. Repeal the decision to remove Little Falls Parkways from the Open Parkways Initiative indefinitely, per community recommendation. 
  3. Conduct regular virtual public community town halls moving forward, and utilize community feedback in major decision making, including any expansions, closures, continuation of the Open Parkways Initiative. 

STEP 1: Sign this petition to tell Montgomery County Planning and Parks to keep Little Falls Parkway open to pedestrians on the weekends! 

STEP 2: If you'd like, send a note or call Montgomery Planning and Montgomery Parks directly.