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Explore Solutions that Minimize Wireless Radiation in the Classrooms

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Medical doctors and scientists are recommending schools use non-radiating hardwired systems and we think Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) should go with these common sense recommendations to minimize wireless radiation in the classroom.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Drug Administration, the National Cancer Institute, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Academy for Environmental Health Sciences all agree that research is ongoing and that wireless radiation has not been adequately tested for long term safety with children.

Wireless radiation use in the classrooms is controversial and still being researched. The federal government has not yet set a safe limit for for children or adults. Over twenty countries are acting to protect children by enacting various protective policies. MCPS should follow suit. Our children’s future demands nothing less. MCPS needs to take action now.

 "If something is at least a possible 2B carcinogen, why are we exposing our kids to that...this is a horrifying situation in the schools..."

--Dr. Lennart Hardell - oncologist and leading expert on wireless radiation and health, served on WHO International Agency for Research and Cancer RF-EMF working group in 2011.

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The AAP Letter Supporting the Cell Phone (Wireless) Right to Know Law detailing children's absorption:

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Letter From the EPA detailing how Federal Guidelines DO NOT PROTECT the Public From Long Term Exposure:

Letter from Harvard Autism Expert Dr. Herbert Recommending Safe Technology In Schools :

Letter from World Health Organization Experts Calling for Safe Technology to the U.S. Secretary of Education:

Dr. Blank, Dr Johansson, Sinatra, Dr Carpenter Letters Advising Against Wireless systems:

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