Make an MCPS scheduling tool so SA survivors aren't in the same class as their abusers

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It's traumatizing for sexual assault and harassment survivors to be in the same class as their abuser, let alone the same room. Although the counseling and administrative departments will usually make arrangements to make sure you are not in the same class as your abuser once you report it, we need to prevent this from happening in the first place.

We can fix this if MCPS implements a scheduling tool that allows for counselors and administrators to make a note that two students shouldn't be in the same classes before schedules are created. The tool would ensure that survivors and abusers aren't together in the classroom in the first place. Once a student makes their class requests, the actual sorting of who is in what class is random. It would be very easy to implement since it's like another ordinary preference. In the event of a schedule conflict, it would be flagged and counselors would be notified. They can figure out what to do from there.

This would be very helpful for sexual assault survivors, as well as people who have experienced bullying, racism, etc. A tool like this would not be used if a student simply does not like a classmate, it would be used for their own comfort and safety.