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Why should the developers be given free reign to build in the last pristine creek in Montgomery County where all scientific studies have shown construction will degrade and pollute our water supply?- Anne James(Gazette Op-Ed)

Last October, Change.Org petitioners achieved victory in getting the Montgomery County Council to amend the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan to better protect Ten Mile Creek in Clarksburg, MD (backup water supply for 4.3 million) and ensure the walkable community the town was promised. Now we need your help again….


The breathing room to consider science and public input the amendment has provided does not mean the Planning Board and Council will make the right decisions. Development interests have planned 1,600 residential units and almost 600,000 square feet of commercial space in the headwaters of pristine Ten Mile Creek – all while the promised town center development in a less sensitive area sits vacant- no grocery store, no library.
Montgomery must keep its promises to meet the needs of Clarksburg residents and put in place science-based protections for fragile, sensitive Ten Mile Creek. The alternative would be to allow further sprawl to degrade Ten Mile Creek and to pull infrastructure investments away from where they are needed - in the Town Center. Our decision makers need to use this planning amendment to consider the 4.3 million people that depend on this water supply and the Clarksburg residents that were promised better. Learn More 

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I applaud the Council and Planning Board for moving forward with the needed master plan amendment to the Clarksburg Master Plan prior to approving any development in fragile Stage 4. The resulting draft amendment represents important and appropriate recommendations, notably reducing housing density on the “Pulte” parcel. Yet, oddly, the draft also allows for proposed massive development on the Miles Coppola property that would result in a staggering and environmentally disastrous 25% impervious surface at the headwaters of Ten Mile Creek. Moreover, this proposed second regional outlet mall does not move the Clarksburg community any closer to the fulfillment of a walkable, vibrant Town Center and does not provide high quality jobs.

I write you now to urge you to properly employ science and public interest as you determine how Clarksburg’s final stage be developed. Ten Mile Creek now flows clean and serves as the back up drinking water supply for our region, over 4.3 million residents. With science, per the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, alerting us to significant reductions in our ground and surface waters by the year 2040, it is imperative that land use decision address resource protection first and foremost.

Development should be scaled to ensure protection of our irreplaceable water resources, now and for future generations. Our collective focus should be on fulfilling the promise to Clarksburg’s residents and completing the Town Center and associated transportation needs while protecting our environment. Our planners and elected representatives should do no less.