Keep the name of Richard Montgomery High School!

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Richard Montgomery would have been one of the founding fathers had he not died in his actions to remove the British from the United States of America, while fighting for the freedoms that we take for granted today. So people should probably stop throwing temper tantrums and act like adults. Richard Montgomery high School needs to stay named Richard Montgomery high School.


If you don't like something about this country you can choose to find another place to live. We are not a socialist country we are not a communist country this is not a dictatorship, therefore we will not be dictated to make changes because you're going to cry about it until we do. Get a grip and go find a job.


It's time for the silent majority to be heard. It's time for us to stop bowing down two people because they throw temper tantrums. It's time for the citizens of this great country to stand up and start fighting for our own freedoms. Because if we don't do it now we're going to have a long fight ahead of us if we let this go much further. We as citizens of this country are not fighting the fight we should be fighting. What we are doing is letting a bunch of anarchists try to ruin this country.


sign the petition to let the tyrannical leadership of the Montgomery County government know that they are full of shit and that you're not going to bow down every time somebody tells you to bow down.