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If Costco gets the gas station approved in Westfield Wheaton mall - the busiest retail fueling operation in the entire Montgomery County shoehorned mere yards away from single-family residences, next to an outdoor swimming & sports club, a metro station, an urban arts & entertainment district, and a school for children with special needs, inluding oxygen tanks - it will set a dangerous precedent not just for the State of Maryland, but for the country as a whole.

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Montgomery County Councilmember Phil Andrews
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Montgomery County Government.

Protect sensitive land uses from mega gas stations

We oppose the gas station Costco proposes to build in the Westfield Wheaton mall.

The gas station will have 16 pumps and sell at least 12 million gallons of gas a year, by far the most in the county. Lines of cars will idle 15 hours a day as close as 150 feet from our homes and a nearby community pool/tennis facility and County-wide school for children who are profoundly disabled. It would be located less than a half mile from a busy subway/bus station.

There are already 30 gas stations within a 7-minute driving radius. Nowhere else in the county has any denser ratio of stations.

Wheaton has one of the highest-usages of mass transit in the county and that ratio will grow as development focuses on the downtown area. We don’t need to encourage more cars and traffic here. Gasoline usage is declining – we need fewer stations, not more.

Gasoline fumes and emissions from idling cars are harmful to our health. EPA guidelines outline the hazards of “large” gas stations (more than 3.6 million gallons of sales) and state that schools and similar facilities should not be sited within 1,000 feet of such gas stations. Costco’s mega-station would be three to four times that size with even greater health effects and the lines of cars will be within less than 150 feet from neighboring property lines. No neighborhood should be exposed to such risks.

The station will affect our quality of life and home values by producing more noise and light and traffic both within the mall and from those coming from elsewhere to use the station. Why should our neighborhood be forced to absorb these burdens?

WE CALL ON THE COUNTY COUNCIL to fulfill its duty to its citizens by implementing legislation that would set appropriate buffer zones for these mega-stations (at least 1,000 feet from residences).

WE CALL ON COSTCO to live up to its Code of Ethics which states that Costco “will exceed ecological standards required in every community where we do business” and implement similar standards for its gas station proposal. Withdraw this proposal now!

To discuss these issues, please contact:

Dan Sheveiko at (301) 254-6862;


We, the undersigned, call on the Montgomery County Council to implement legislation that would set appropriate buffer zones for these mega-stations (at least 1,000 feet from residences). We call on Costco to live up to its Code of Ethics, set appropriate limits on building gas stations next to residential communities, and withdraw this proposed station NOW!