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Montgomery County Commissioners and Norristown Municipal Council: Stop the Subsidized Housing Project in Downtown Norristown


Norristown has over 53% of all of Montgomery County’s subsidized housing units and IT DOESN’T NEED ANY MORE.

The proposed project is an $18m complex which is planned by a developer who was not selected by a competitive bidding process, but instead, was introduced to the Municipality through a State Lobbyist.

A large portion of the funding is being provided by public sources, (Local, County, State and Federal) while the developer puts up less than $600k of his own money.

The land is County-owned and is being transferred to the developer, without a publicly-advertised RFP.

The project directly contradicts the 2009 Norristown Comprehensive Plan in three key ways: 1. It adds additional subsidized rental units; 2. It subtracts 204 critically-needed parking spaces from the Downtown Business District; and 3. It is not a true Mixed-Use project, but instead, is a self-contained residential community.

It is our belief that, if built, the project will have a negative impact on the entire Municipality. It will cause the surrounding neighborhoods to suffer and hurt the Arts Hill and Downtown Business District. As Norristown is the County Seat, the impact will be felt by the entire County.

The third largest County in the Commonwealth and one of the wealthiest in the United States, can do better.

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Stop the Subsidized Housing Project in Downtown Norristown