Petition Update

The Norristown Nudge Continues Fight for Norristown's Future

Norristown Nudge

Oct 4, 2013 — In addition to the 530+ signatures on this site, we gathered 450+ signatures on a paper petition of folks who live, work or visit the downtown district. This outpouring of resistance is an inspiration and helped give us the tools necessary to stop the state's funding for the project.

We also hired a attorney and have filed an appeal in court to stop the zoning ruling that permits the development in the first place. The case is not closed and developers have a nasty habit of coming back over and over until they get their way.

Consequently, overturning the zoning ruling is key.

There will be a fundraiser to support our fight at the Coffee Talk Artists Co-op in Norristown this Sunday, October 6th, from 11AM to 4PM - with live music, raffles, food and good conversation. Come by to learn what's going on in the community and meet the folks involved.