Petition Update

Signing the Petiton is as important now than ever

Norristown Nudge

Mar 29, 2013 — Signatures have slowed since the Norristown Zoning Board rendered their ruling to grant Pennrose Properties their variance requests three days ago.

The next two weeks are critical and we need each of you to convince your significant others, friends and colleagues to visit our petition and SIGN!

Coming up, on April 9, at Municipal Hall, there will be a public hearing by the Norristown Planning Commission.

Then, on April 16, Municipal Council will vote on the Conditional Use request.

Other Strategies to block the project may also be used, if necessary...we'll keep you posted.

This petition is our voice – your voice. And the message is that Norristown has been down for TOO LONG and things need to change. A prosperous and lively County Seat is good for the all the citizens of Montgomery County.