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Norristown's Problems are also County Problems

Norristown Nudge

Mar 24, 2013 — 
by Norristown Nudge

The article by Stan Huskey, in last week's Times Herald, is spot on. The whole County is impacted by Norristown's ills, and similarly, the County will benefit if the town gets better. It's inappropriate for the County Commissioners to shrug and say, that the proposed apartments, at DeKalb and Airy, are what Norritown's Council asked for and then look no farther than that for the right path forward.

The County has significant resources and have been taking such deliberate and reasoned steps in almost every issue they approach. Why should their approach toward Norristown be any different? If no one else is exhibiting good judgement, then they should be "the adults in the room" and stop Pennrose Propoerties' proposal to build 60 housing-voucher apartments in Norristown's Downtown Core.

In addition, since when does the transfer of public-land take place without a publicly advertized RFP and competitive bidding?