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Don't close Lake San Antonio!

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My favorite lake (North Shore Lake San Antonio).
This lake is better than most. It has hook-ups already installed in north shore. North shore also has miles of shoreline where motor homes and campers could camp right at the waters edge on beautiful coves and points. There is also priceless white sandy beaches toward the dam. This lake used to bring in tons of people whereas you couldn’t find a place to camp unless you arrived early before a major holiday. But there was always room in one of those coves they then called the overflow area. I know of no better lake in central California. Nacimiento is nice but not near as nice as San Antonio, and it stays open. Monterey county has lost their sense of what is good for the people and their own wallet. This lake should be making big money. But they let the place go for reasons they won’t truly say. Picnic tables need replaced. Where did all those fire rings go? North shore store needs replaced with something bigger n nicer that would attract business. A few years back I saw some sort of pollution coming into one of the coves near A loop. The biggest reason this lake lost its campers is because they’re always letting the water out.. as well as California drought hasn’t helped. This lake is simply better than Nacimiento and has more potential than most lakes. County just don’t seem to get it and the potential for payoff. You can’t expect profit from something you won’t invest in. And this lake has a history that has already proven itself!

You know, one day I took a day to visit the lake when it was drained. The lake was closed but you could still view it from a distance. I ran into a couple who were doing the same thing. We visited and told stories of how great the lake once was and how much fun it used to be here with our families as kids. It was a pleasant conversation. We were both saddened at what was lost.

I hope County one day sees the potential here once again. Maybe they could start with that water tunnel from Naci. Letting all the water out will continue to just keep people from coming. Wish Mark Sandoval and others on committee could step back in time and see what they once had here. This place is actually a priceless jewel that should be making the county’s pockets rich! The layout of North shore is PARADISE but no one seems to see it anymore. Good luck to you all! Especially you Mark!!

Written by: Ashley Edwards

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