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SAVE BELOVED OLD GROWTH FOREST - Reject plans for development of Area D by Pebble Beach Company.

There is a gorgeous old growth forest in Pebble Beach, which is a refuge of open space, wildlife, and tranquility, enjoyed by hundreds of neighbors for generations. Pebble Beach Company has a plan to develop in this old growth forest of 9.19 acres, also known as Area D for inclusionary housing, even though they had previously promised it would remain a preservation area! Development will destroy this forest which has valuable botanical species such as rare native Monterey Pine trees, coast live oak and wildlife habitat for birds, foxes, raccoons, gray squirrel, and frogs! It’s estimated that the destruction of this forest would kill well over 700 coastal live oaks and mature Monterey Pines. It is also an important wildlife corridor for deer and transitory species. And it’s a natural forest canopy for many migratory and cavity nesting birds.

Native groves of Monterey pine trees occur naturally in only five places in the world: three populations in Central California and on two small Mexican Islands. Ecologists have surmised that the extent of Monterey Pine Forest in the three native populations along California’s coast was approximately 23,900 acres at the time of first European contact. Today only approximately 60 percent of that acreage remains and only 10,173 acres are undeveloped native forest in a natural setting. Protected Monterey Pine Forest acreage is an even smaller 4,793 acres. (Bates, Dalessio, Nedeff and Stevens. The Monterey Pine Forest. Pine Nut Press, 2012)

Development will create more fragmentation of the Del Monte Forest!

Deforestation will threaten the native grove of rare Monterey Pines!

Deforestation will destroy habitat and displace all its wildlife.

Development will disrupt the natural watershed and aquifer absorption.

Development will increase traffic hazards to wildlife, increase noise & light pollution, and increase particulate matter along S.F.B. Morse Drive.

The nearby cities of Pacific Grove and Monterey have both opposed destroying this forest, pointing out that there are other suitable locations to build housing nearby.  It is completely unnecessary to destroy this forest for high-density housing that can easily be better and more safely situated on sites already deforested by the same developer, the Pebble Beach Co.

This old growth forest must be preserved! I urge the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to reject plans of the Pebble Beach Company to develop Area D. There are alternate, already deforested areas with water rights, access to public transportation and close proximity to schools that can be used for this development. Areas of consideration can be the corner of 17 Mile Drive & Sunset Drive and the employee parking lot on 17-Mile Drive, directly across from the Inn at Spanish Bay.

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