A Safer, MORE Walkable, Bikeable, Equitable and Livable Montclair Is Within Our Reach!

A Safer, MORE Walkable, Bikeable, Equitable and Livable Montclair Is Within Our Reach!

December 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Dear Fellow Street & Sidewalk Users of Montclair! Did you know that...

  • Despite there having been over 100 crashes in the last three years in Montclair in which a car struck a pedestrian or bicyclists resulting in multiple fatalities and numerous serious injuries.
  • Despite Montclair being originally designed around public transportation with walkable, bikeable neighborhoods and multiple business districts.
  • Despite over 25% of Montclair High School Students walking or biking to school.Despite the increasing number of Senior Citizens in Montclair citing pedestrian safety and traffic calming as a top concern.
  • Despite walkability and bikability consistently making every list of what draws people to live, work and play in a town as well as strong  indicators or economically healthy business districts. 
  • Despite data that supports the concept that people-centric street designs that promote walking and biking actually REDUCES parking  demand for parking of cars.
  • Despite over 1,000 (92%) of respondents to a townwide survey saying that they support the adoption of the SAFE plan in order to calm traffic and make our streets sidewalks and public spaces SAFER for their children and families.
  • Despite a huge increase in the number of people who have taken to the streets and sidewalks during the ongoing pandemic...
  • Despite Montclair falling further and further behind most municipalities across the state and country in terms of having an approved complete street plan even while the adoption of such a plan is referenced and called for in our own master plan.
  • Despite Montclair having 12 times the average number of people commuting by means other than their automobiles and households with only one, or no car at all.

Despite all that, the Plan that would address all of the above concerns has sat on a shelf since 2017 waiting to be adopted by our Planning Board and Town Council.

Well, after three years, on Monday December 14th, the Montclair Planning Board will vote on whether or not to adopt the Montclair SAFE (Streets Are For Everyone) Complete Streets Implementation Plan into our town's Master Plan. Transportation data and research reveal that the most impactful and direct way to make streets safer for ALL users is through changes in street design.

The Montclair SAFE Plan provides a blueprint for a range of options to adapt Montclair’s streets and walkways into a safe, inviting network for all users and forms of transportation. Unfortunately, since its completion over three years ago, that plan has sat on a shelf, unused. Meanwhile, critical decisions are being made about the development of our town's streets, sidewalks and public spaces without this guidance. 

By Signing this e-petition you are sending a clear message to our planning board and elected officials that safe, walkable, bikeable, equitable streets need to be made a priority and that begins with the adoption of this design guide into our master plan.

YES! A more equitable, livable, walkable, bikeable and all around SAFER Montclair is within our reach, but we need your help. Please forward this petition on to friends,  family and neighbors as we unite to ensure that Montclair has a system of streets, sidewalks and paths that safely connect us to the places where we work, play, shop and live.

Thank You

Bike Walk Montclair




Support now
Signatures: 819Next Goal: 1,000
Support now