High School Baseball in Montana

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We need high school baseball in Montana.

Montana is one of the only states in the nation that does not provide high school baseball as an option for students. 

From a sport to sport standpoint, baseball is not equal in Montana. The baseball product in Montana is private and therefore comes with some inequities, namely from socioeconomic barriers. Therefore the state of baseball here is not an equal opportunity and creates an access problem to the sport for a significant number of high school age students. 

There are a significant number of baseball players who quit playing when they reach high school due to limited options. There are several objections to the current baseball options that can be overcome by providing high school baseball. Cost, time commitment, conflict with other obligations such as family summer plans and employment are a few to mention.

This proposal is not to create an alternative to the current options. The intention is not to compete with the American Legion or Club programs, but rather to compliment them. This is no different then the way high school softball works complimentary to club softball programs during the summers. We firmly believe high school baseball will only increase the number of children playing the sport and likely increase participation in the summer programs. 

Contact your school leadership and encourage them to support the proposal by Stevensville High School to sanction baseball as a high school sport in Montana.