Don’t take case managers away from developmental disabled

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Case managers are hands on people that help people like my daughter one other disabled people with finding ways to get their needs met. They personally get to know the client and family. They understand the needs of their clients because they spend time meeting them in their home or environment. They see the needs and have the training to know how to try and get help for those needs. Many developmentally disabled people will be abandoned if they don’t have a case manager to help them. Case managers do the leg work a disabled person does not know how to do. If Montana’s cuts take place 2,100 clients will lose their case manager. They will not have an advocate to help them find resources for housing, work, respite care, in home nursing care etc. our case manager is the person who got our daughters budget approved for her care needs. We would not have had those needs met without our case manager.

Montana falls short already with very little helps for disabled adults. Don’t let them take away the 70 workers that are closest to the clients and their families.



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