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Reduce the uninformative quality of political advertisements in MT.

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Political ads in Montana have consistently contained only attack ads against the other part or candidate. These ads are not informational as much as they are prying on people's fears and insecurities. The purpose of these ads is to inform the public of a candidate's ability to properly represent constituents interests. But the information the public receives is only that of the opponents negatives and how they relate to the candidates achievements and views on issues and events.

I propose we gain the support to draft and introduce a bill to the Montana senate that outlines a certain criteria political advertisements must meet. This criteria will require the advertiser to provide a certain amount of information to air an ad. Do not mistake this for a censoring of our first amendment rights. Advertisers will not lose the ability to advertise their view or opinion. But they will be required to do this in a way that provides information with valid sources and relevance to current issues. To accomplish this we will need to garner the right attention to the issue and work with Montana congress to do this lawfully.

Currently there are laws that regulate commercial advertisements but there are no laws that restrict false political advertising. This is argued to be protected under first amendment rights. But it is possible to protect first amendment rights and be truthful with the public. The letter soon to be written will outline how we can do this. Advertisements may have any theme or topic but must contain accurate information. 

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