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Petitioning Governor of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

Montana can beat Citizens United in the Supreme Court with the 11th Amendment

The 11th Amendment to the Constitution forbids the Supreme Court from accepting the MONTANA-Citizens United case.  If the Court follows the Constitution and refuses the case, then MONTANA will win immediately! No more Citizens United in Montana!!





Letter to
Governor of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer
As a concerned citizen and voter I urge you to use the 11th Amendment to the Constitution to tell corporations and the Supreme Court, once and forever, to stay out of Montana’s elections.

The compelling 11th Amendment argument that The Eleventh Amendment Movement (TEAM) is submitting to the Supreme Court in the Montana-Citizens United case (with Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock’s permission) forbids the Supreme Court from even accepting the case for hearing. Montana will win immediately. Citizens United will be effectively reversed immediately. Integrity in our elections will begin to be restored.

Please use your strong public voice to support the 11th Amendment argument. Your national leadership on getting money out of politics is being heard and the 11th Amendment can get the job done right here, right now. Contact TEAM to get fully briefed on this historic opportunity (

Thank you,
Concerned Citizen

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