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Save monster strike!!

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I believe we can save monster strike if you listen to the loyal players who've supported the game for years. Here's what ( I ) think you can do.

1. Bring back Global co-op!

This is what killed the game. Global Co-op is what made the game fun and challenging for all types of people. What's the point of going for that impressing rare monster with no one to show it off to, no where to use it, besides the friends you "might" have.

Having global co-op meant we could interact with people all over the world, and not only that but we could find a match at any time of the day. Here in the US it would be almost impossible to find help for what you needed without friends on if you had to rely on local co-op only.  You must understand that a lot of us here have our closest friends the farthest from us, rather than next door. Some of us never interact with our neighbors for a reason, let alone play an app with them.

There is hardly any realistic situation where friends will get together over pizza or bowling to play with their phones. You brought people together when we were allowed to find people to be together with.

2. Balance the hatchers!

People aren't spending tons of money on the game anymore because it's discouraging. 500-1000 orbs just to get nothing but 4 stars. Balance the hatcher and improve drop rate for 5 star monsters and rares enough to make the tries worth it. Improve the drop rate so that the more tries one attempts, the better the drop rate gets. In turn, you gain money, and the player gains a better chance at what they want, rather than just "you gaining money" and the player "might" gain anything at all.

3. Make sure Monster Strike can be moved to an SD card!

A lot of people I know can't play the game because it takes up too much space. The game apparently can't be moved to some SD cards after a certain update. This caused a lot of players to not be able to play and quit the game after not finding a solution.

4. Balance Affinity Events!

Affinity events caused a lot of inflation because it was so easily abused. Balance these events and make orbs cheaper. Implement bundles and sales so that the player gains more by making a purchase rather than the events, but make the events useful for those who cant afford orbs.

5. Improve daily log in rewards.

Getting a few orbs when logging in was great. It would also be nice to receive other exclusive rewards for being so loyal and playing everyday. Give us a monster for a certain amount of consecutive log ins, make this monster one of it's kind. Have a set of these monsters for people who love to collect. Make it a theme, make them good max luck monsters for beginners and veteran players to use who may not have time for a max luck event.

6. Better Advertising.

After watching some of the commercials for monster strike, I almost felt embarrassed to be seen playing the game. Reach out to your audience of all ages in ads. Find out who's playing and interact with your supporters. A lot of the players watch anime or play video games, these people might range from ages 13-30, etc. Monster Strike has an anime, use this to your advantage when advertising. Pokemon is a good example. Be hip, find the latest trends and make an ad people can relate to. Here are some random realistic situations in which you would play MS and could make a commercial from it.

- "Family trip, car breaks down, 17 year old boy is annoyed with parents arguing about what to do about it, while waiting Lucy appears on his phone and blows him a kiss, he starts playing monster strike with a smile"

- " 10 years old girl giggles while looking at her phone, 40 year old Dad wonders what's going on, camera pans to the MS mascot dancing on her phone, dad becomes worried and angry that daughter is involved with boys, girl shows dad MS, dad is relieved yet curious, dad plays MS with daughter to keep her from boys but eventually just loves the game himself and is caught playing alone sometimes"

- "23 year old college student depressed about debt, grades and home life, social standings, student has a project and is browsing the web, some have the tag "monster" in it while showing an animation of Fenrir, student notices game with raised eyebrow and downloads, student is temporarily distracted from depression, student eventually loves the game and feels accomplished when gaining a set of monsters, student goes to class and notices another student playing the game at lunch, they smile at each other"

- "30 year old with social anxiety, OCD,  overworked, very little time, no friendly interactions besides a few co-workers, loves pinball, notices MS while looking for a pinball type app, MS mascot is being juggled in a pinball machine before using strike shot to break out, downloads game, becomes addicted, plays online because local is impossible, meets new people, gets invited to social groups, makes friends"

People are brought together. Just a few ideas there.

7. - Communication

Have an official Discord, Facebook, twitter group for players similar to the Strike Shot page.

8. Collaboration

A lot of players were waiting to see the same anime themed monsters from our favorite shows appear here on the NA version of the game. Some wanted a few of the other JP only monsters to be added. Collaboration events would bring in an even bigger fan base.

9. Hackers and Mods.

hackers can ruin the game for some players, cracking down on this could greatly improve game play.


I believe with this, we can still save Monster Strike. All the hard work and money put into the game does not have to be lost. Please listen to the players, bring the game back to what it was when it was released, the player base will rise, profits will improve, people can continue to enjoy the game. Please sign if you support these ideas. Please sign if you love Monster Strike and the team behind it!

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