Stop the production of Anderson's Monster Hunter movie before it shits on the franchise.

Monster hunter is a great game and I don't want a movie like this to be made. One, the plot is DUMB, this is the most common video game to movie cliches. you can tell the whole story in less then three sentences, "monsters invade our world, one man kills them all". Reason two, they know NOTHING about monster hunter. you can tell that because they call monsters like Rathalos "flying DRAGONS" even though they are wyverns, they even say that the "monster hunter world" is just a huge desert with monsters they size of city blocks that lives on the earth... someone who has played ANY of the games for five minutes can tell you more then that. so they think that the "monster hunter world" is just a huge desert, all the monsters live underground and the monsters are the sizes of city blocks. so it's either they never heard of any other area in the games or are just ignoring them. and only 5 or so monster are the size of city blocks with the rest being the size of a small dog to the size of a bus, NOT the size of a city block. three, they make it sound like the monsters are evil. The monsters are NOT evil, they don't kill everything in sight, most of the don't like making others suffer, but want to know why they do that? monsters kill the survive. like we and many other animals do. that is also why hunters kill hunt down monster. to survive, not because we can. in monster hunter, you hunt monsters to insure yours and many other species. hunter don't want to kill all the monster, we know this because there are quest where you capture monster or take their egg to a safer place to live. this movie WILL ruin this image for all of us. that is something i don't want to see. If there is a monster hunter movie, I WANT it done by someone who has play the games and knows what to do. Paul only wants to make the movie for money, not for us.

Matgore P, Warminster, PA, United States
4 years ago
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