Réagissez face à l'urgence du changement climatique en fixant un objectif de 100 % d'énergies renouvelables d'ici 2050

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Mauridi Kasindi Alphonse
5 years ago
I support the initiative.

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Puneet SINGH
6 years ago
je respecte la planete

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Christine Bahati
6 years ago
Cela me concerne

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Christine Hasse
6 years ago



1/ To gain 100% renewable energies by 2035
2/ To close down Fessenheim nuclear plant by 2016
3/ To close down Tricastin and Blaye nuclear plants by 2017

This petition is addressed to
• French President François HOLLANDE
• Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate change, Ségolène ROYALE
• European parliament President Martin SCHULZE
• German Chancellor Angela MERKEL
• Pope Francis

SIGN and SHARE the petition before December 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference – COP21

It will remain open after the event


Among the 58 nuclear reactors existing in France, more than 75% will be over 30 years old by 2016 and 90% by 2020. However a reactor cannot operate more than 30 years.
This constitutes an unacceptable risk for the environment and the people as the Nuclear Security Administration (ASN) points out arguing that nuclear accidents can be reduced but never fully avoided (see appendix 1).
Nuclear power should not be considered as a solution to the greenhouse effect. It releases 35 to 66 g CO2 eq/kWat which is much more than renewable energies which let out an average of 20 g CO2 eq/kWat .

The colossal accumulation of highly toxic and lethal nuclear waste is an appalling burden for future generations (see appendix 2).
The current electricity prices are maintained artificially low. This situation cannot be viable in the long run and the prices have already started to increase. We must find a solution to this situation and consider it as an emergency.


• Shut down FESSENHEIM nuclear plant by 2016 as promised by François Hollande during the 2012 election campaign and carry on with both TRICASTIN and BLAYE (see our plan in the appendix)

• Develop renewable energies to create 300 ,000 permanent jobs that are safe for the workers.

• Take immediate political action to stop nuclear power and in the long run close down all the nuclear plants according to our proposed plan (see appendix 4).

• Stop the construction of new nuclear power plants such as the ones in Flamanville, Penly and Cadarache.

• Transfer the current funding in favor of nuclear energy to the development of renewable energy.
https://www.change.org/p/pour-100-d-%C3%A9nergies-renouvelables-d-ici-2035/u/12691184 our petition !

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Mansour SY
6 years ago
sensible a l environnement

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Damiana Maloof
6 years ago
I care about Earth, our common home.