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Petitioning Director of Monsanto Australasia Hugh Grant

Monsanto vacate New Zealand!Our citizens demand you cease and desist operation.We refuse unsafe products here.We refuse your tyrannical seed patient strategy.

New Zealand,I implore you wake up to the bitter reality.Monsanto invented agent orange used during the vietnam war do you really think they want to save the world?Monsanto is clearly manipulating our government to produce their poisonous food.This food is dangerous because its completely untested in humans.And the portion of it that was tested in animals has revealed it has no benifit and more risk associated.Most scientists would reject eating GMO food,so why is it in our supermarkets and why won't our government warn us with labels?

Monsanto have pushed their agenda globally and ruined local farming businesses forcing them into bankuptcy,polluted the ecosystem with untested dangerously genetically modified crops.Now with the powers within TPPA bill,Monsanto are seeking to control all natural resouces and take away your natural right to protest their actions,effectively raping and pillaging this country.They are doing this right now.Monsanto will eventually take over all food as they have in India and dominate the seed industry using their paitents over seeds as a justification.The plan to do this with every country.

Sign this petition to create awareness.Sign this petition to unite against corporate tyranny of the people and their rights.Lets stand together and fight Monsanto, they have no right to poison us.We must have the right to choose what enters our bodies.

We can't be naive and trust big companies or governments to make our decisions.Don't allow others to choose you health.Your healthy body is your greatest asset.Respect your democractic rights to good and healthy food.Fight Monsanto before its too late.Reject the TPPA agreement.Talk and inform people where ever you go about the dangers of genetically modified foods,create awareness.Grow your own vegetables and get the seeds from heirloom/organic suppliers.Be aware of the products you buy.Togther we can end this madness.Please watch this informative video

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