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Monsanto Corporation: Stop lying about Dr. Joseph Mercola

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Dr. Mercola has been a leading voice exposing the dangers of Monsanto's genetically modified organisms (GMO foods). And now Monsanto Corporation is defaming him with false advertising intended to preserve and grow their profits.

GMO foods are essentially poisonous. The fruits and vegetables produced by genetic engineering result in molecular structures that do not exist in nature. They are intended to increase crop yields by making produce immune to herbicides. Some are even engineered to emit pesticides right in the fruits and vegetables!! Those poisons remain in the food all the way up to being served on our plates. We are being poisoned. There is no other way to put it. Because the molecular structures are unnatural, our bodies to do not recognize them as food. Therefore, they provide little or no nutrition. At best, they are flushed from our bodies. At worst (and far more likely), the toxins get stored in our organs and fat cells, building up over time until we become very sick.

The sicker we get, of course, the more medication we'll need, which also makes us more toxic. As a result, Big Ag and Big Pharma get richer and richer as we become and remain sick.

Numerous studies of GMOs on animals have produced incredibly large tumors, birth defects, and organ damage, to name just a few of the destructive effects. There have been no tests on humans to determine either short term or long-lasting effects. They simply tell us that the foods are safe, and the lapdog FDA complies with Monsanto's wishes not to have independent tests done.

Right now, California has placed Proposition 37 on the ballot to require labeling of GMO foods. Monsanto and other large corporations are providing massive funding to the effort to defeat Prop 37. This is outrageous. Nearly every other country in the world requires GMO labeling. We in America deserve to know if someone is trying to sell us poison food. Petitions are already going around to urge President Obama to demand GMO labeling, and even to ban these foods.

Dr. Mercola has been a very loud voice documenting and describing the dangers of genetically engineered foods. The truth is that these organisms are not even food at all.

Dr. Mercola must not be silenced. There is much to be done to protect ourselves from GMO foods. But this effort is designed to put Monsanto on public notice that we will not stand for their cover-ups, lies and slanders. We must not allow corporate greed to trump the health and well-being, even the very lives, of American citizens. This really is a life or death matter.

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