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Monsanto Company: Label products that include GMO's obtained from/by Monsanto Co+affiliates.

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Monsanto has been banned from 27 other countries! ( The FDA in the United States does not monitor what and how much dangerous chemical combinations are being put into our foods unless a tragedy deems it necessary.

Monsanto has been tried for causing suicides among farmers throughout the Midwest because of their 'legal' representatives pressuring and harassing them to grow Monsanto patented seeds. These seeds have a self destruct (a.k.a. suicide gene) spliced into the genetic makeup so that those seeds are only usable for one year, at a hefty price. Farmers then have to re-purchase Monsanto seeds, for the duration of their farm life, every year.

Aside from the herbicides and pesticides devastating the ocean life from runoff and the wildlife around point sources of this pollution, the genetically modified plants are at risk. When all of the plants are genetically the same they are at risk if any disease does sweep the population-all having the same weakness-the entire population dies. Also, as we all know "Nature will prevail" new diseases are more than likely to occur. This poses a threat to our countries overall capability to produce certain foods.

Animals do venture through Monsanto planted farms, as they really do have no other choice due to fragmentation, or the 'patching' up of the environment for farms, roads, homes, etc. When they eat the genetically modified plants they are exposed to a super plant that has no nutritional value. Wind carries the pollution from Monsanto herbicides and pesticides across fields into waterways, into nests of all sorts of animals, and into our homes poisoning everything in its path, literally.

Iowa is the nations largest producer for corn. 98% of Iowa corn can not be eaten off of the stalk because it is modified to have more starch for use in sodas and basically every food item on the shelf in all of your neighborhood stores, as high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup does not digest properly in our bodies because it is modified to occur at a very high concentration in this high fructose corn syrup. Rather than being like glucose, fructose bypasses the change into energy and is stored immediately as fat-around all of our organs.

Here is an example of how these modifications find their way into the most unbelievable places without notifying consumers. High fructose corn syrup can not be digested properly in cows, either. Cows have a 45-gallon stomach that ferments grasses. Rather than ferment the genetically modified corn, it is turned to sugar so that the cow is fattened up in a way that has no nutritional value for them causing horrible discomfort and death within adolescence if fed corn grains as meal. Most Americans that eat beef are consuming this without being aware of its existence in commercially raised cattle.

Americans have the right to know what they are consuming and the right to make a choice.

Without this choice we are being led to a life of immobility, obesity, depression, diabetes, reproductive disorders and so much more.

Some of the runoff from the herbicides and pesticides that Monsanto patents are causing endocrine disruptive abnormalities in frogs. These abnormalities cause infertility or mutation.

Monsanto should require all of its partners and brands of vegetable seed, herbicide, and pesticide to label that they are Monsanto owned and include Genetically Modified Organisms. This includes boxed foods in our grocery stores, sodas in our refrigerators, and 'fresh' vegetables at our tables.
Please research the effects Monsanto is having on people all over the world.

Please sign this petition in support of a choice among consumers.

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