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Hungry kids make poor students; it's time to extend lunch time!

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To the principals of all elementary schools within the Monroe Public School District:

For years as we have been assured that our children are given ample time to eat lunch. However, this can hardly be the case. The children who attend kindergarten - 5th grade are only given approximately 15-20 minutes to:

Leave class (including grabbing any applicable award tickets to spend at the shop)

Wait in line to pick up their food, pay, and find a seat

Lastly, eat their lunch before being told by teacher, staff and volunteers to leave the commons so other children can eat.

The kids are told to leave whether they have had 1 bite or their meal is finished.

For my daughter, lunch time is an extreme source of anxiety for her. She's in 2nd grade and panics about going to school because she feels she won't be able to eat enough. The kicker to that statement? She has an intestinal disorder and can not eat lunch from the school - she always has a packed lunch and gets to skip waiting in the long slow lines.

By the end of the day they are able to finish their lunch, not when it is appropriate. This can only be done during last recess. The reason why this is not an acceptable resolution to the problem is because the kid's can only eat what was left over and left outside in a home brought lunch. All other kids have to throw out their uneaten food before they leave the commons.

These children deserve and should receive more than this. I propose that beginning next school year (2017/2018) the school district increase the full school day by 30 minutes. This would allow the children to eat properly and ultimately improve their ability to learn.

04/20/18 UPDATE TO PROPOSAL: The purpose of the petition is to make the voices of parents and hungry children heard. We understand that time is needed to ensure that time can be added to lunch time. My proposal should be considered as an option for how to add time to an already heavily compacted day.  Another parent has suggested another option for consideration:

'The instructional requirements are not minutes per day, but instead, hours per year.

For students enrolled in grades one through twelve, at least a district-wide annual average of one thousand hours, which shall be increased beginning in the 2015-16 school year to at least one thousand eighty instructional hours for students enrolled in grades nine through twelve and at least one thousand instructional hours for students in grades one through eight, all of which may be calculated by a school district using a district-wide annual average of instructional hours over grades one through twelve

You could keep the days the same length and add a few instructional days before and/or after the regular schedule. For example - a few extra days in Sept. or in June or whenever school ends.'

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