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Monroe County Sheriff Department: Investigation of Pitbull shooting.

This is important as to bring more awareness to the community, the Sheriff Department, Humane Society, and K9 Partners are working together as a intiative in bring safety to our community in dealing with canines.

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Rochester Police Department Chief James Sheppard
Monroe County Sheriff Department Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Monroe County Sheriff's Department, Town Of Penfield, New York..

Investigation of Diablo The Pitbull shooting on 6/1/2012.

To stop the misconception that every Pitbull is aggressive just because of the bad publicity of other cases involving Pitbulls and their physical appearance.

We would like to see a more humane means of diffusing such a encounter.

We would like to work awareness in the community so these incidents are not repeated and be able to work with law enforcement on these issues.
Our prime focus is to help these fine 4 legged friends and if people can't help them please don't hurt them.
There is a solution to every problem and we believe working with law enforcement and those that care we can make a difference.

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