Keys Kids Continuously in the Classroom

Keys Kids Continuously in the Classroom

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Stephanie Ganim started this petition to Monroe County School District

I am concerned about the physical, mental, emotional, social and academic well-being of our Keys Kids. They are suffering from not being in school 5 days a week. Please help me to reach our school board members and demand that they send out a survey to the parents of Monroe County asking what we want. Only attending school 5 days out of 10 should not be an option for our kids. They deserve better. 

Below is the letter I wrote and read out loud to the School Board at their February 23 meeting.

Good Evening School Board Members,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of myself, my friends and the children of Monroe County.I understand the tough position you are in regarding the reopening of schools in a safe manner. Having said that, I must speak up because it is my belief that our children are suffering.

Please keep in mind this is not meant to be an attack on the board, the superintendent, the principals or the teachers. I am concerned because “studies show,” or as we now like to say, “science shows,” that kids are suffering academically, emotionally, physically and mentally, due to the shut down. And, while I am thankful that the Keys are open compared to most other cities worldwide, I would like to point out that our schools are the most shut down venue in our county. 

I am a firm believer in after school programs and believe whole-heartedly in teaching to the whole child. I am thrilled that we have allowed activities, clubs, organizations and sports programs to continue. But what concerns and upsets me is that while the school board thinks it is safe and acceptable to have our students gather as a team after school hours, whether it be on a basketball court, football or baseball field or on a school bus transporting them in and out of the county to their games, they do not deem it safe for our kids to attend school on a daily basis. Why is it ok for A day and B day students to co-mingle at a school-sanctioned event after school hours, but not during school? How is this fair or helping our kids? I would love to see a comparison of overall GPA’s at the high school level from this time last year to today. Would I be correct in my assumption that the rate is down and that the students who were once flourishing are now struggling and even failing?

People talk, rumors are spread, and it leaves the community not really knowing the truth, relying only on social media and the Coconut Telegraph, to know what is going on. For example, I’ve heard rumors that PKS and KLS are open every day for all age students, but then someone else says it’s only for elementary students. Some say you can call and get your child on a list to attend every day, but others say it’s only for kids with special education needs. 

When I inquired today about getting my junior at Coral Shores on the A day and B day list, I was told it is only for students who are at a risk of not graduating and all other students who need daily guidance have the option of attending their “at home day” at the Children’s Shelter. Again, I ask, how is this helping our kids?

I am a single mother and a teacher in a school that is fully open. I, like 99% of the parents down here, have to go to work and do not have the luxury of staying home with my child and making sure he’s getting out of bed, logging on to class, and completing his assignments. Nor do I know what even happens once he logs on. 

I have two older sons who attend Auburn University and University of Florida. College is a big deal in my house and it’s what my children have always wanted to do after high school graduation. Through the experience with my older boys, I know their junior year is pivotal for college readiness and preparedness. I am worried that my junior will not be ready to take the state-mandated tests and prepare for college in the same way his older brothers were.Thank you for your time and consideration. I can assure you I am not the only parent who feels this way, and if need be, I would be happy to gather signatures in petition of reopening our schools full time, every day, to all students. 

Superintendent Theresa Axford
305-293-1400, 53392

District 1
2624 Seidenberg Ave.
Key West, FL 33040

District 2
40 Key Haven Rd.
Key West, FL 33040

District 3
Mindy Conn, Board Member
(305) 293-1400 ext. 53323 

District 4
58346 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL 33050

District 5
Tavernier, FL 33070

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