Arrest and prosecution of Jerry Cox, Ian Cherco and Sean Purdy

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The type of blatant racism and bigotry exhibited by these three men in an attack on Vauhxx Booker MUST be fought whenever and wherever it is found. We must root out this type of racial hatred at every opportunity. Only through punitive means will these problems ever be removed from our society like the cancer it is.

And so we must insist that Monroe County Prosecutor Erika Oliphant take immediate action to make sure these "men" are brought to justice. People of color must have the freedom to move freely without fear of being verbally or physically assaulted, injured or even murdered. It is a sad statement on our country that these men are still walking around free.

I urge you to sign this petition to make sure that she takes the appropriate action against these men, and there is only one appropriate action - arrest and prosecution. Erika Oliphant, you owe this to American citizens everywhere who believe in equality and justice. Please sign this petition and be a part of manifesting the change that we as a country need.