Time to Revise MCCSC Re-entry Plan

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The undersigned recognize the energy and effort put into the MCCSC reopening plan, and the desire to provide a safe educational experience for all students. As concerned parents, educators, and community members, we are grateful for the flexibility built into the plan given the constantly changing local conditions and available information. It appears evident that the time to be flexible and adaptable has approached more quickly than anyone anticipated. We cite the decision of the Washington Township school board to change their re-entry plan: 

In light of new information about COVID-19 transmission and increasing COVID-19 cases in Monroe County we call on the school board and administration to delay the start to the 2020-2021 school year and to begin all school online. Specifically we ask for the following:

1. The MCCSC calendar should be adjusted to start at a later date to allow time to integrate the in person plan to online and to put into place care options for families who need it.

2. Start all schools online 

3. Create and make public a plan for re-opening that includes clear guidelines for how the district will use local, state, and other reputable data to make decisions for the future. (include benchmarks for assessing risk, such as the testing, tracing and supported isolation (TTSI) handbook found via the Harvard Global Health Institute 

As a community we understand the impossible task before the district and we must accept that no plan will be perfect. However, our top priority must be protecting our teachers, students, and our greater community from a known harm. In person school, when cases continue to increase and new information suggests COVID-19 transmits more easily than previously thought, is dangerous. We can best protect our community by not reopening for in person instruction and directing our attention to making the online learning experience as accessible as possible. We have seen our community rally over the last few months to build supportive networks, utilizing the resources and creativity of Monroe County. We trust that we can come together and do what is best for the entire community, which begins with delaying the start of school, beginning with online instruction, and opening for in-person instruction only if/when reliable data and safety measures can be utilized.