Petition In Support of Desaree Lucas-Player Band Director

Petition In Support of Desaree Lucas-Player Band Director

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Started by Joseph Burks

Petition in support of Desaree Lucas Player, Director of band, Carroll high School



Dear Monroe City Schools Super intendent, Brent Vidrine and Carroll High School Principal, Eric Davis,


We, the Carroll High School alumni, current and former band members, and concerned residents of Monroe, present this petition in support of Desaree Lucas player. It has come to our attention that Mrs. Player has been placed on indefinite suspension, as a result of accusations against her character and professionalism. We believe that she has been wrongfully accused in this matter, as this is nothing more than a personal vendetta to destroy the career of an outstanding educator, award winning band director, and mentor to thousands of current and former students. Mrs. Player’s dedication to our community’s children can been seen through the more than 100,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears that she has invested into her students. Not only an educator, Mrs. Player has acted as a second mother to her students, through nurturing and emotion support. This is especial true with her band members. Such nurturing has translated into many of her students earning band scholarships as they advance to college. The relationships that she has developed with her student will last a lifetime, whether it be through music or life lessons on adulthood. Some of us would not be in the positions that we are in today without her love and support.


We are humbly asking that you reinstate Mrs. Player until a thorough and fair investigating has taken place.


Let the record reflect that each signature to this petition is in favor of Desaree Lucas Player being reinstated as director of band at Carroll High School.



Thank you and God bless



1,328 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!