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help support the king family, and boycott tyson food and kansas work comp

Where do I even start? I guess I should start from the beginning, right?
My name is Kelly, and his name is Monnie.
After working so hard, and sacrificing sweat, blood and tears, we saved and were finally able to buy our dream home. We was finally able to give our boys, Casey, John, Chris a nice home. A home where they did not have to share a bedroom. A home where we had room to play, and build memories in.
About a few months after moving in, we got a surprise we did not expect to get, until we got it. Yes- that’s right, we were expecting a new arrival to our family. Everything was so wonderful. Our boys were so happy, and were thriving.
At the very end of august our healthy baby boy was born. Our family was afficially complete.
And then, unexpectedly, with no warning, in a blink of an eye, all of our lives, tragically, and radically changed. It was a nightmare that started, and almost 3 years later, it has not gotten any better.
12 days after our son was born, Monnie was at work... working long, hard, exhausting hours at Tyson’s food….yes that is right…..TYSON”S FOOD”S!!!!!!!
In the morning of 9/9/09 while taking care of my new born son, I got a knock at the door. When I opened it, it was his super visor, the human resource lady, and the Chaplin of TYSON’S FOOD.
As I was cradling my baby, I was told the devasting news…. Monnie was crushed between 2 fork lift trucks, and was rushed to the hospital.
Upon arriving at the hospital, I was informed how he had blood clots in his neck, along with sever body trauma. I was told that he could die.
I was on a emotional roller coaster. How can Tyson's allow someone to repeatably keep doing this? Monnie was the 3rd person hit. This was a accident that COULD and SHOULD have been prevented.
After a LOOOONG stay in the hospital, Monnie eventually underwent several extensive surgeries. He had neck, back, shoulder, and 4 ankle surgeries. He had to go through this after a man that was untrained, with no experience, was operating a fork lift that he had no proper training on. Not only was Monnie the 3rd person hit, but there were 2 people after Monnie as well. Thank goodness no one else was severely hurt like Monnie. Or killed!!! Oh yeah, let’s not forget (that almost 3 years later) no 1, let me repeat, not one person from TYSON’S FOOD ever called to see how Monnie was, to see if there was anything they could do, how he was getting along, or even to give their condolences. Not 1 supervisor, human resource, C.E.O, NO ONE! Not at any time ever!! Untill, almost 3 years later, and only after, Monnie was completly settled with work comp, did Tonya Reed from human resource called to say that because "court was over and he was approved for social sec disability, that they were afficially taking him off the clock" Really? And they say they are family oriented!!
Monnie was a reliable, hardworking, very devoted, and dependable worker for them for many many years. He has never touched a cigarette, let alone do drugs, this accident was not caused by hus actions. So why is he the one to get such a bad shaft?
Kansas work comp is not like ANY other state. Kansas work comp is 1 of 3 states that has very different work comp laws. We fought hard, to keep all our heads above water. We gasped too many times to count to take a deep breath and to stay afloat.
Within a year of the accident, and not getting his work comp checks weekly, ( we went 3 to 4 weeks at a time without getting his benefits) we got behind in our monthly bills. We were only able to pay $1,000.00 a month on our mortgage, when it was support to be $ 1,400.00. At the beginning they said they said they would do a “hardship modification” application for us. And when Monnie settled his claim, they would refinance the loan.
Yes he was able to draw work comp, but that was only ½ of what he was getting from working at TYSON’S FOOD. But we made it. We juggled things but it was hard. And we even had to make the decision to let things go.
And then we find out that for every work comp check he received, if and when he “sues” them, he has to pay back every single check he got from work comp. So for all the time he drew work comp, we eventually had to take out of the settlement almost $65,000.00 , plus 25% attorney fees, plus the $6,000.00 we borrowed from the bank for the past 2 years, for Christmas, birthdays for the boys, grocery’s, and to get caught up on some bills.
Ok….now Kansas work comp laws…. The “cap” on work comp is $125,000.00….. And that’s only if you get approved for the max allowed. Thinking we could pay our “debt” with the mortgage company after settlement…(hahahhahahaha yeah right!!!) That would not be the case. BY THE TIME EVERYTHING WAS DONE AND SETTLED AND everyone got paid, we got around $4,000.00
After not being able to walk more than 25%, or lift more the 10 lbs., that’s a drastic change for a man who was an awesome softball player, who held the record for track at his high school, who could out run just about any one, who was very much involved with his children, and who was so active every day.
So, now, let’s fast forward…………….almost 3 years after the accident. He was approved for 100% full, permanent, and total disability. Now remember, after going on work comp, he was only getting ½ of pay than what he was getting from working full time at TYSON’s FOOD.
So we finally are able to settle with TYSON’s FOOD…… what was our pay?....$4,000.00

It was such a davasting blow to us. Our wonderful attorney Scott Mann from Hutchinson Kansas, had such a wonderful heart, he dropped his fees. He knew how much this affected us, and how much of a raw deal Monnie got. He was helping us out…. He withdrew his 25% attorney fee. He is such a truly wonderful and remarkable man. He and his wonderful assistance’s Carrie and Kathy was a remarkable team. They were such hard workers for Monnie’s case. They ALL were always on top of things, and did their best to get things handled in a timely manor. They ALL were personal with us and never made us feel like we was just a "case". They made us feel important.
We owed about $25,000.00 in back fees to our mortgage company…. We only had $16,000.00
After working our butts off, and trying to refinance our home, we were denied!! They said they could not do it with what he was going to start getting from disability….. (Remember he was getting ½ from work comp then what he was getting from TYSON’S FOOD, and now with getting disability, he is going to be getting ½ of what he was getting from work comp. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! That’s a 75% cut, from working at TYSON’S FOOD.
So now we have to wait to see if our appeal with the mortgage company goes through.
Monnie, myself, Casey, John ,Chris, and Bradly, get to sit back and wait to see what happens…… if we are denied again, and if we can’t pay off our mortgage , they will repossess it and we will have to find a place to live.
This is what I would like to happen…….. I hope this goes to millions and millions of people. I hope that this gets on every persons Facebook page, or whatever site, every well known, and respectable talk show host, good morning America news, CNN, HLN, and I pray that not one person, buys ANY products from TYSON’S FOOD. I pray my family gets the support from America. I would like to see THAT Company suffer, like we have been suffering. Any support from anyone, would be greatly appreciated. Every time someone buys one of TYSON’S food products, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEM! YOU ARE BUILDING THEIR COMPANY! WHILE OUR 4 CHILDREN AND US SUFFER, AND LOSE OUR HOME AND EVERYTHING THAT WE WORKED SO HARD TO GET, AND KEEP.
If you would please put this on your Facebook page, or forward this to others, please do so. I want everybody to know how a multibillion dollar company, and workmans comp, has treated a man and his family over THEIR stupidity.
And if you would like to show your support, and say something to the victim yourself, please send emails to…..


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