No Roads Through North Calder Heritage Trail

No Roads Through North Calder Heritage Trail

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To Summarise my objections to the placement of a road on North Calder Heritage Trail:

  • Carbon-capture capabilities are highest here
  • Air quality reduction(for locals & hospital patients)
  • Noise levels
  • A89 is a quiet road and could handle the increase in vehicle use with access to the East Airdrie Link Road
  • Local health & fitness
  • The years of effort put in by the Forestry Commision
  • Traffic load on Towers Road(with 3 large nearby schools and an elderly care home[Wester Moffat Hospital] in close proximity)
  • Biodiversity Loss - bats, deer, birds(heron, swans, coots) especially, are seen in high numbers
  • The misleading labelling of the road
  • High volumes of foot traffic from students walking to Benny's Chip Shop/Tesco Express(almost a constant stream of pupils) creating an increased danger at a sharp turn off on this route

The recent proposal design shows New Monklands Hospital having a road that cuts through North Calder Heritage Trail. This area is currently maintained to a high standard by the Forestry Commission and is heavily used by walkers. Unlike other parts of the trail it offers a flattened, even path that is suitable for buggies, wheelchairs & the elderly in a reasonable walking loop amongst the trees. As seen by aerial shots of the area, it is a thriving, mature forest that captures huge amounts of carbon from the air. The hospital will boast net zero carbon emissions, however:

There is currently 1000 Gigatonnes of 'legacy carbon' in our atmosphere which needs to be dealt with in order to meet 1.5C and we have access to the most powerful technology in reducing it: plants. Through photosynthesis carbon is taken out of the air and transferred(roots) to the soil.  Importantly, new trees and saplings just do not have the capability to do this and with 1.5C to be met, time is critical in cooling the planet.  This lush section is contributing massively to air quality and health of local people. It would offer the same for hospital patients. I would suggest a walking path leading from the hospital into the heritage trail as part of the development -introducing new footbridges where the trail meets the North Calder Water and further along behind Caldervale High School, where the hospital grounds are closest to the trail. A cycle path would be acceptable running along the train side of the trail, up to Wester Moffat Farm and then being developed towards the hospital, leaving the rest as a footpath branching off along the river. This would give train users and cyclists adequate transport to the hospital without decimating the much-loved woodland area.

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