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My family is a victim of judicial corruption please help me fight to get my children back

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I am a single mother of three children. I do not have a criminal record, I do not do drugs and I do not have a DUI.  I have worked with a reputable company for over 12 years without incident.  I graduated from Macalester College with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and I have a Master's Degree in Criminalistics from Cal State LA.  I have been divorced for over 11 years and have had primary custody of my two older children, ages 14 and 10 for over 11 years. I share joint custody with my three year old son's father.   I have two different Judges for each custody case; one Judge has jurisdiction of my two older children and the other Judge has jurisdiction of my three year old and currently presides on the Standing Committee of Judicial Ethics.  Both of my cases are sealed.  Both Judges have been presented with the same evidence and both Judges have had vastly different orders and interpretations of the law.   In one case I represented myself against an attorney who is friends with the Judge's wife, in the other case attorney's were not involved.  One Judge chose to willfully alter the facts on a confidential CPS document that requires a court order to review to gain his desired results and chose to ignore the undisputed facts of the case, the other Judge read each report in its entirety and interpreted the facts based on the law.  One Judge has essentially terminated my fundamental parental rights of my two older children of which have a voice, the other Judge has deemed that a three year old who does not have a voice is safe in my care and custody.  One Judge has continued this case for almost two years, the other Judge immediately closed my case pursuant to Rooney vs. Rooney and stated that there has been no substantial change of circumstance.  One Judge has forced me to pay four evaluators at my own expense, the other Judge does not use evaluators.  One Judge accepts electoral campaign contributions, the other Judge does not.  One Judge writes minute orders to change custody and fails to have hearings violating due process rights, the other Judge schedules hearings for each motion and grants due process rights.  The disparity between these two Judges stemming from the same incident, the same evidence and the same reports questions the uniformity, impartiality and fairness within the Judiciary.  The Public as a whole deserves consistency within our courts and is entitled to confidence in the judiciary to abide by the governing constitutional and state laws.   Children should not be held as collateral to pad Judges, evaluators and attorneys' pockets.  The psychological, physical and emotional damage that our family courts are imposing on our innocent children needs to stop.

Prior to my litigious custody battle, all three of my children were thriving in life.  My oldest son wanted to become a Veterinarian and go to Stanford, he was in the magnet program for high school and getting A's and B's.  He is now receiving D's and F's. He is also no longer playing soccer, even though he was the only freshman to start on the varsity high school team.   My 10 year old daughter is wetting the bed, has gained 15 lbs., complains of migraine headaches and has lost her best friend.  She is also no longer playing soccer and is not involved in extracurricular activities.  She has not made the honor roll since her father has retained custody and she is receiving C's.  I have been blocked from all of the children's school programs and websites so that I can no longer monitor their progress. The courts have denied all therapy with the children and their father has refused to take the children to any doctor's appointments. The children have been threatened by the evaluators that if they don't abide by court orders that they will be forced to go to Child Haven and be raped.  They have also been told they cannot speak of what is going on in their lives because they are being watched.  My three year old son is being forced to be raised without his siblings.  My children are terrified and confused and do not know what to believe or who to trust.  Although my children cannot speak of the "legalized child abuse" that is being inflicted upon them, their silent cries are visibly seen and are being ignored. At a time in their lives when their development and relationships will shape them as adults, the vicious and relentless court system grasps tightly and is suffocating their future selves.

As of today I have not had contact with my two older children in over 8 months.  My custodial rights have been terminated by two custody evaluators, an attorney, the children's father and the Judge.  Due to the collusion between my two exes and their false allegations, on October 4 I was ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet for 90 days ($1305), submit to a full substance abuse evaluation ($1500), pay a custody evaluator ($4000), my child support ceased and desisted ($1100) and I lost visitation and contact with my children.  My families lives changed in a matter of minutes while my ex-husband proudly displayed a smile on his face regarding his success in "beating" me.  Both custody evaluators have recommended that my fundamental parental rights be terminated for failure to pay their fees and the Judge repeatedly orders that I must pay his "list" of evaluators prior to having any contact or visitation with my children.  Please know that ALL of the evaluations and tests that I have been subjected to have ALL returned in my favor and found no fault, addictions or incidences to report; legally, there is no factual basis to withhold my children from me. My ex-husband currently owes $8100 in child support arrears and the Judge refuses to hear my contempt of court actions because he rejected and logged my custody decree out of his department. He continues to state that he will deal with the arrears at another time.  The Judge, the attorney and the evaluators continue to ignore the validity of the case and the laws regarding the issues presented before them and rather than focusing on the best interest of the children or even the children at all, the courts continue to afford the opposing counsel and evaluators the plight of a frivolous custody action at the children's expense. The nightmare appears to have no end in sight. 

I have filed two writs of mandamus in hope that the Judge ceases his unconstitutional and unlawful orders (Supreme court case #71823 and #72668).  The Supreme Court recently denied my writ for failure to meet the burden of proof. I have filed complaints with the judicial committee, the state bar, the attorney general, the governor, the legislature, the senate, the health and human services, the boards of the state of Nevada for licensed marriage and family therapist and alcohol and drug counselors and ALL of my complaints have been ignored. I currently do not have a hearing to get my children back due to the violation of my 14th amendment due process rights and I have been forced by the Supreme Court to face my corrupt, impartial, unethical and unconstitutional Judge. I will never have a fair trial and me and my children are continuing to suffer at his and the evaluators hands.  Financially I have lost all of my savings and cannot afford an attorney and if this continues I will lose my home and car.

Family Court needs to change. I understand that my case is like most other cases, however, I have two different judges who have contradicting rulings based on the same evidence.  One Judge alters the facts and the other does not.  Custody evaluators, attorneys and judges need to be held accountable for their actions. Fees and rates should be determined based on financial ability to pay and parental rights should not be terminated pending payments. Judges should be responsible for rulings and not allow evaluators absolute power. Immunity should not exist when laws are violated. Custody evaluators should not be allowed to walk away and accept payments without providing reports and they should be responsible for providing an in depth evaluation with substantiated findings and evidence to support their recommendations. Licenses need to be enforced and updated and the public should be aware of the unethical and unconstitutional antics of these evaluators, attorneys and judges. The children of our future and the public depend on a just, fair and impartial judiciary. 

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