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We want registrations again for vintage vehicles

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Approximately one and a half years ago, without letting the NB residents know, the NB government changed the laws that enable residents to get registrations for vintage motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.  If you do not already have a registration, it is now virtually impossible to get one.  Before this change, all that was required was a bill of sale. Service New Brunswick (SNB) would then trace the serial number and if the vehicle came up clean, you would sign an affidavit and they would give you a registration.  Now, if SNB runs the serial numbers and find this vehicle is in the system, they will do nothing for you, they say you have to find the person it is registered to and have him go get a new registration.  With today’s privacy act, SNB will not tell you who the last registered owner was, and in many cases, these vehicles have changed hands many times over the years so finding that person is next to impossible and a registration is impossible to get.

This law needs to be changed.  My proposal is, if a vehicle has not been licensed within the last 10-15 years, but is still in the system, SNB should contact he last registered owner and ask him to relinquish the registration. The person who has bought this vehicle will pay taxes on it and get a registration.  In cases where the vehicle is not in the system (they purge the system every 10-12 years), SNB should check to see if it has been reported stolen, and if not, then they should give a new registration (as they do in NS and PEI and as they used to do in NB). 

This has basically taken away our rights to build vintage vehicles.  The government says there isn’t enough tax dollars to do things, yet they are eliminating future tax dollars by refusing registrations, and potentially putting small business owners who do this for a living, out of business.  Please contact your MLA and discuss this issue with them because Andre Ouellet ( from the Transportation department of the NB government in Fredericton tells me nobody is complaining about this except me, so they will not make any changes unless more people contact them. 

Please sign this petition so we can get our rights back. 


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