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Dear Starship Entertainment,

We, european fans, are truly sad about not being able to take part in the first Monsta X Worldtour . We support Monsta X in any case and situation and would be really happy to do this in real life and not in front of screens.. It is heartbroken to see how many Kpop groups are passing europe during their world tour and do  not give us the chance to cheer on our oppas/ eonnis with our full heart and soul by feeling them. Especially Monsta X.

You won't regret it to give us the ability and would even wonder how many hearts Monsta X reached and reaches ! The european fandom  welcomes day by day new Monbebes who are admiring our seven boys like no one else does.

We are begging you to take this message serious and to think deeply about it.      We would be so thankful and happy.

Your Sincerely,


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