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Fix the Parking Mess!

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Over the last month, Monash has been prioritising its 'Master Plan' in building 1000 new beds on campus to the detriment of students who drive to Monash. 

For those students who use carpooling, free parking, and even have purchased blue permits, it is increasingly difficult to find a park at Monash. 

The MSA understands Monash's environmental intiatives and the impacts of driving to University versus public transport, but there are circumstances where it is simply not practical for students to take alternate transport to Monash. This is also happening at the same time that students and staff are losing up to 50-60 carpool spaces... and what on earth will happen with an extra 1000 students living on campus?! 

We call on Monash to:

- Reverse the changes to red parking in old blue parking permit zones

- Fully open free car parking

- Implement more carpooling parking

- Drop the price in parking! $380 is too much for blue parking!

- If Monash fail to do the above, to refund already purchased blue parking permits for those who request it. 

Why are we asking for this?

The MSA has been inundated with complaints over the last fortnight about the horrid parking situation on campus. It is completely unfair to charge students through the roof for parking, and then not provide adequate facilities for parking; when students pay $380 for a permit, they will expect to be able to find a park on campus. 

Students also spend up to 45 minutes finding parks, and even longer on busier days. If 'I am still learning' (Ancora Imparo) is still important to you, Monash, then let students get to their classes on time! 

Some students live in suburbs that make it impossible for public transport to be an option. If you don't live on the Pakenham/Carnbourne/Frankston line it can take over an hour to get to Monash, and if you live any further down othe lines, can take nearly two hours. This can be substituted with a 30 minute drive.

It is unfair that some students who have purchased blue parking permits have been forced to pay $8 for paid parking due to the lack of blue permits. 

C'mon, Monash. Fix the parking mess!


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