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Don't Shut Us Out!

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It's impossible to quantify just how difficult studying as a student with a disability or as a student carer can be. While many of us will be able to navigate our way through university without much incident, it is highly likely that at some point our study will be compromised or interrupted for reasons relating to health.

As an education provider it is up to Monash University to make sufficient and reasonable adjustments for students in legitimate need - what we have though is a system that makes these students jump through unnecessary administrative hoops, that compound the problem and make a resolution that much harder. It is no wonder then that students with disabilities and student carers, despite graduating from Secondary School in higher numbers, are failing to complete degrees they enroll in at increasing rates.

We're asking Monash University to step up the work they do on increasing the retention rates and services for these student groups by instituting a compulsory lecture recording policy. While this certainly doesn't address all the problems faced by these students, it can mean the difference between falling behind and losing an entire semesters worth of work or staying connected with the course content when you can't physically be there.

Equal Access to education resources is a must - don't shut us out!

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