Blind Auditions at Australian Universities

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We've seen the studies - Goldin & Rouse (1997) takes about 10 seconds to find on google ( It's been done in most US orchestra auditions since the 1970s and 80s! They even do it on The Voice. Let's bring our university music schools up to date and make blind auditions the standard audition process for all ensembles. Do we need to do it for everything? Of course not! No one is advocating blind recitals, that would be ridiculous. But introducing blind auditions as the default, initial screening process for most/all positions would not be difficult to implement - and would absolutely improve community confidence in our education institutions. Publicising this change would likely also encourage more women and other minorities to apply for these auditions if they trusted it to be a fair process.


Large screen/sheet
Carpeted pathway from entrance to performance space
Administrator to keep track of candidates

Criticisms/opinions on why it would be not a good idea (or too difficult) are welcome for discussion. It's a simple idea and has been the policy of many major orchestras for over 30 years. It does not require any university to admit the existence of biases in the past either - it would simply be a positive and welcome improvement to existing audition processes. Just do it!