Fox management in Monash, Melbourne

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Hello All,

For hundreds of years, foxes have roamed the land hunting and killing innocent wild life. Thats what foxes do, they hunt and kill, its nature. 
This morning I woke up to both my rabbits slaughtered by foxes. 

I had called the Monash Council in June and once again in August to inform them on the sighting of foxes carrying wildlife such as possums in their mouths.  The council is unable to control foxes in Monash. The council can only spray the foxes den and cannot remove the foxes. This is an issue in itself. The foxes make new dens and continue killing our pets and wildlife. 

If Monash Council can enforce laws in 2020 about containing cats indoors at night time due to they killing innocent wildlife then Im sure they can enforce new laws and legislation to protect the nature and domestic pets of Monash. NO CULLING OF THE FOXES, RATHER RELOCATE THEM TO A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN HUNT AND NOT TARGET OUR PETS.

Please stand by me by signing this petition to try get laws to protect our nature and wildlife against pesky foxes. 
This petition will be presented to Monash Council once we get the required number of signatures.