Save Legend Park Preschool

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GREAT NEWS - Legend Park has been saved!!!!

Thank you to all that have been involved, to those who attended the Council Meeting Tuesday night & those who emailed the Councillors/Mayor.

The petition of 828 signatories was tabled at the Council Meeting, which will be included in the minutes – this helped significantly.

Refer to Council Meeting - 25 June 2019 - Decisions - 2.2 Page 12

We are not out of the woods yet, interim reports will be provided on the enrolment numbers.

We need to spread the word & promote the kinder to boost enrolments.

After Tuesday’s Council meeting we have set up a Legend Park Working Group. We have a few signed up - current parents, future parents & past parents/student. The working group will involve working bees, marketing/promoting & possibly fundraising. 

If you would like to participate in the Working Group please email

 with your name, email & mobile number.

Once again – thank you to everyone.... Great Work....

What a great community we have!!!!


REMINDER - COUNCIL MEETING - (tomorrow) Tuesday 25 June at 7.00pm.

Councillor Geoff Lake has offered to meet & discuss this issue prior to the Council Meeting at 6.30pm for those who are interested.

Hope you can make it as we need community support!!!!!!


MUST READ - NOW is the time to email the Ward Councillors & Mayor your concerns & issues, expressing your disappointment. Refer to the link for their details.
Council Meeting will be held at Monash Civic Centre this Tue 25 June commencing 7pm to decide on Legend Park's fate.

We need the support of community to attend this important Council Meeting. This is our opportunity to voice our concerns directly to the elected Councillors & Mayor. I would encourage people if you have any issues you wish to raise that you can do so by undertaking the formal process & must be submitted as per the Council Policy for Council Meetings. Please refer to the link - 'public question time'

Your support is needed to keep Legend Park Preschool open!!!!!!!

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Thank you to all the people who attended the meeting last night at such short notice.  

It was a wonderful turnout and a great show of community support. 

We will keep you informed once we hear back from


For 44 years Legend Park Preschool has served the local Glen Waverley community, fostering lifelong friendships and providing greatly valued early childhood education for our young ones. 

Without consulting local families, a recent decision made and voted on secretly by Council, will see Legend Park close its doors to three and four-year-old kinder, leaving families looking for a new preschools and staff for a new job. 

As long-time residents and users of this facility we find it appalling that in light of recent state funding being offered to Council to establish a fully funded three-year-old kinder program, that you are removing the kinder program from Legend Park Preschool.

There has been NO CONSULTATION with the local community and directly affected families. This misguided decision has been made leaving a number of families in a position where they may not be able to find Kinder placement for next year. 

It is difficult to understand how the Monash City Council has acted within the best interest of our community. 

We want to know:

  • The rationale for ceasing this service?
  • Was there any consideration of the needs of directly affected families now and into the future?
  • How does Monash City Council plan to deliver their funded three and four-year-old Kinder program when you are removing this service from our Community?
  • Neighbouring Kindergartens already have long waiting lists – where am l supposed to send my children now?
  • I don’t drive and need to walk, how am l supposed to get to another Kinder further away?
  • Why was there no public CONSULTATION?  You have our details as we are local residents and our children attend the local MCH Centre.


In the 1990s The Kennett Government closed down 350 Victorian schools during its term of office and now The Andrews Government is rebuilding over 170 new schools at the astronomical cost of $38 billion. 

Has our local government not learnt anything from the past experiences of former Governments? 

Please help us save our deeply valued three and four-year-old kinder programs!