Monarch Migration & Clay/Cass Counties to use LESS TOXIC, POLLINATOR FRIENDLY Options!

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I'm upset and concerned about the insecticides that are used for mosquito control. I, like many of you, found dead monarchs today after Clay and Cass counties sprayed for mosquitoes.

Aside from responsible insecticide use, we should be mindful of Monarch Migration patterns and stop spraying during fall migration (August to November); and spring migration (March to June).

Today I did some research and was only able to find a fact sheet on DEET on their website. There are other less toxic options, if this is what they are using. Here is a link to Cass County Vector Control, there are a lot of blank spots.  Under Products/Services there is nothing listed and under Meetings there is no update for 2020.  

I tried to call Cass County Vector Control but got a long pause with an error message on their end. I tried to get someone on the phone at Clay County but was unable to talk to anyone.


Subdivision 1.Pesticide use.
Pesticides must be applied in accordance with the product label or labeling and in a manner that will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment within limits prescribed by this chapter and FIFRA.

Subd. 2.Prohibited pesticide use.

(a) A person may not use, store, handle, distribute, or dispose of a pesticide, rinsate, pesticide container, or pesticide application equipment in a manner:

(1) that is inconsistent with a label or labeling as defined by FIFRA;

(2) that endangers humans, damages agricultural products, food, livestock, fish, or wildlife; or

(3) that will cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment...

(c) A person may not directly apply a pesticide on a human by overspray or target site spray, except when:

(2) the pesticide application is for mosquito control operations;

(d) For pesticide applications under paragraph (c), clause (2), the following conditions apply:

(1) no practicable and effective alternative method of control exists;

(2) the pesticide is among the least toxic available for control of the target pest; and

(3) notification to residents in the area to be treated is provided at least 24 hours before application through direct notification, posting daily on the treating organization's website, if any, and by sending a broadcast e-mail to those persons who request notification of such, of those areas to be treated by adult mosquito control techniques during the next calendar day. For control operations related to human disease, notice under this paragraph may be given less than 24 hours in advance.

If what they are using caused countless Monarch lives today!  And like other issues, they need to make a change for tomorrow!

Anyone else want to help to get this changed!?

I have been in Dilworth, MN for 6 years and have had no luck having an outdoor garden and am sad whenever I see our amazing pollinators die unnecessarily!

Let's get this done!